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Monday, 13 July 2020

Seollal ,Lunar New Year Day Korea

Seollal - Lunar New Year Day - Korea 

Seolla, the lunar new year in Korea, Is the first day in Korean calendar. It comes around January end – February beginning of Georgian calendar. This day comes on the third full moon after the solstice. This is an important festival and holiday in South Korea.


 Seolla, Korean New Year, is celebrated in three days. The day before New Year, New Year Day, The next day of new year.


During this day all family members came together to the house where elder male member of the family is living for paying their respect to him. They eat traditional food on that day. Children's play their traditional games. In-fact most of the family members take part in their traditional card game.



   It is celebration on 1st day of the 1st Month of lunar calendar. It will fall generally on January end or beginning of February in Georgian calendar. In 2020 Seollal celebrates on 12 February .



   The actual year when the seollal has started is unclear on history . The documents say this celebration may begun on 6th Century during the time of Korea’s ancient Three kingdoms.

During this time the lunar calendar was adopted by the Koreans. There are many Asian countries are celebrating Lunar new year during this time, they are China, Vietnam and Magnolia.




Tredional Clothing ‘HANBOK’


Seollal is one of the time that we can expect to see the Koreans in their traditional dress . It is called ‘Hanbok’. On this day most Koreans wear this. There are many traditions on selecting even the colour of the 'Hanbok'. It indicated social status, marital status etc.. The embroidery also symbolised on different things. The lotus flower is for nobility , pomegranate and bats are represented for desire for children etc..


handbok dress On Seollal-The Lunar new year korea
handbok dress On Seollal


 The traditional food is also one of the focal point in the day of seollal. The signature dish on this day is ‘tteokguk’(rice cake supe).Depends on the region , the preparation for ‘tteokuk’ will changes (beef, Egg ,green onions etc.).

  The families gather on the day before seollal and starts preparing the food. There are 20 plus dishes are present along with the signature dish ‘tteokguk’.


tteokguk dish On Seollal-The Lunar new year korea
tteokguk dish On Seollal

New year’s Greetings and traditional games


On this day Koreans begins with ancestral rite. All family members wears special dress for this event (seolbim). This ritual conducted to pay the respect for ancestors. And after the ritual everyone gather around and eats their traditional food.

 After the food younger member of the family pay respect to their elders by taking deep bowing in front of them the deep bow is called ‘sebae’.Elders wishes all the property for their younger ones in the coming year and often gives money.


 All of the family members eat together , play together the traditional card games and wishes each other a great new year ahead.


How did you celebrated your ‘seollal’ ? 

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