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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Pariyanampetta Pooram

Pariyanampetta Pooram
Pariyanampetta Pooram

The yearly celebration of Pariyanampetta Pooram is held on Pariyanampetta Bhgavathy temple in Palakkad District of Kerala, India. The seven days of spiritual, cultural and musical festivals that draws different types of people to this Event. The float, different colored temporarily build statues and the ambiance of this place at the Pooram time makes this event an extraordinary.

 The ‘Kalamezhuthu Pattu’ is a must watch and feel event here, the pictures of goddesses are drawn on the floor using the locally available powders. The ritual includes 'Chenda Melam' (Type of drum) in-front of the deity drawings. This will be a magical feast for your eyes and ears.


  At evening time, we get the chance to see ‘Tholpavakootu’ (Shadow Puppetry) this is one of the wonderful customs in (God’s Own Country) Kerala, final day the occasion includes with the parades of 21 elephants ‘Moorthiyaatom’ is a unique attraction of Pariyanampetta Pooram.


 With a great firework the festival will be ended for the year and we need to wait for one whole year to enjoy this mesmerizing event.





    Pariyanampetta Pooram will be held on every year from1-7 of the Malayalam month of Kumbham. It comes around February – March month in Georgian calendar. In 2020 It Comes under February month. The final day of the festival is February - 20





  On the final day of Pariyanampetta Pooram is a local holiday.





  Pariyanampetta Pooram is a festival held at Pariyanampetta Temple. This seven day fest for the diety Pariyanampetta Devi consideres as the goddess of 14 Deshams (places)


Pariyanampetta Pooram Kalamezhuthu Pattu
Pariyanampetta Pooram Kalamezhuthu Pattu

 The famous ritual on this fest is ‘Kalamezhuthu Pattu’ conducting rituals along with ‘Chenda Melam’ (Drums music) and singing folk Goddess songs in front of goddess picture which is drawn on the floor using locally made colours and powders. This ritual is performed on the last day of the festival.


Pariyanampetta Pooram Kaala Vela
Pariyanampetta Pooram Kaala Vela

 On last day of the festival there will be a Procession of 21 elephants and different folk arts like horse motif display(Kuthiravela) and Bull motif display (Kaalavela) are demonstrated .


Elephants are holy animals in Kerala, which is essential part of Kerala culture. The people gathers around the 21 Elephants and enjoys the ‘Pancharimelam’ ,A form of musical art


Cultural programs also held during the occasion. One can enjoy the world-famous arts like Kthakali and Chakyarkoothu art forms are performed by different artists from different places.


Pariyanampetta Pooram Tolpavakoothu
Pariyanampetta Pooram Tolpavakoothu

On this occasion we can enjoy the ancient folk art of shadow puppet show called ‘Tholpavakoothu’. This is very rare art form in Kerala. There are very few artists still practicing ‘Tholpavakoothu’.


With a great firework the festival will be ended for the year people will return to their home with the blessing of Goddess and eagerly waiting for the fest in coming year.

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