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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Who Is Jean-Georges Noverre

Who Is Jean-Georges Noverre
Who Is Jean-Georges Noverre


  Jean-Georges Noverre is a French Dancer, He is considered as the creator of ballet dancing. He lived on 17 th Century.


 He born in Paris on 29 thy April  1727. At that time being a son of a Military man Jean-Georges Noverre was expected to join the military, but the young Jean-Georges Noverre chose dace at early age. His first professional 8 June 1743 in Le Coq du village. 

Later  in his middle and late teenage he had performed in different places like  at  Fontainebleau, and in Berlin .And latter Noverre became the ballet master in  Strasbourg and created his first great success, the exotic Les Fêtes Chinoises. 

In 1748 in Strasbourg he married the actress Marie-Louise Sauveur. In 1750, he became  the principal dance in Lyone and created his first dance ballet-pantomime, Le Judgment de Parisin 1751. He travelled to Vienna and worked under queen Marie .

In 1754 he created a frightening moving scene and that leads to lost his job from Queen Maria. He moved to Strasbourg for one year in 1754, He returned to the Opéra-Comique, where Les Fêtes was staged with great success on 1 July 1754.

In 1755, he went to London There, he worked with David Garrick of the Drury Lane Theatre, learning new concepts of theatre and the then developing natural style of performance. Noverre didn't leave the Opera until 1781

Who Is Jean-Georges Noverre

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