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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Health Benefits of Dancing

Health benefits of Dancing
Health benefits of Dancing

I'm gonna tell you all why that feels so good dancing .Dancing is a way to get a great workout improve your health feel better about yourself. When you are dancing some thing really interesting is happens to the body.

Physical benefits Of Dancing

  1. It releases endorphins those are those feel-good chemicals so maybe you're feeling down on yourself a little upset maybe even depress those endorphins are gonna help combat that but that doesn't even begin to explain what happens physiologically as you're dancing .
  2.  Heart rate increases that heart gets more efficient every single pump of your heart can send out more blood your blood vessels after dancing for a while they actually will relax so if you have high blood pressure activity like dancing can actually relax those blood vessels and improve your your blood pressure readings but
  3. You know when you're dancing you're on your feet you you're bouncing around I don't even care if you're good at it you're actually inspiring these leg muscles to work more utilize more oxygen actually soak up insulin and glucose so you have more stable blood sugar levels some studies have even suggested that people who dance more into their later years in life less likely to get osteoporosis .
  4. One study suggested dancing chronically this is a good chronic illness tab 76% less likely to get dementia 

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Emotional Benefits of Dancing

Health benefits of Dancing

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