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Monday, 9 April 2018

Black Day South Korea

Black Day South Korea

  Is there any day for Singles ? Have any one wondered like this ? Then the answer is yes, there is a day for singles.. But You have to go to south Korea for celebrating Black Friday. The black Friday is mainly celebrated on South Korea as a day for single men and woman. If you are a  single the start packing bags and go to South Korea. The Black Day is mainly promoted by some business industries. In South Korea , They arrange Dating events and other eating competition  .

When Black Day is celebrated 

 14 th April ,Saturday

History of black day

In South Korea , They celebrate the Valentine’s day (February  14 )and at the time of this day all female lovers will present  their male lovers with gift especially chocolate . A month after the valentine’s day  (March 14) they celebrated as White Day that is the Male  partners will present gifts to their female partners. Other gifts and chocolates .And After exactly one month after that the people who didn’t got any gifts or chocolate that is single celebrate black Day(April  14 ). They go out and gather publically and eat  Jjajangmyun black bean noodles with black sausage .

How to celebrate black day

 Single people meet up in public place and shopping , take part in eating Jjajangmyun competition and some areas the singles may meet up and hope that they will be           celebrating valentines  day and White day next year.. J

Black Day South Korea

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