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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Persian New year

Persian New year
Persian New year          Nowruz (Persian New year),its an new year day across  Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Asia.Its an festival of spring for Iranians which falls on  vernal equinox.It is usually celebrated on March 21st and the date varies based on where it is observed.

What "Nowruz" means
          Nowruz in Persian language means Newday ,which siginifies a new beginning,new life.Every year Nowruz concide with the start of spring and the people traditionally celebrates the beginning of spring.

Nowruz Celebrations
          People starts their preparations for new-year with cleaning their home,getting new cloths, new flowers,etc.On the day of Nowruz ,they decorate houses with flowers, and decorating with several patterns like butterflies,birds,sars,fish.

          Charshanbe Suri,Its celebrated in the evening of  the last Wednesday before Nowruz.On this people jump over the bonefire.

Persian New year

For Iranians jumping over the fire is an symbolic gesture for starting a fresh year.

          The rituals continues on the last Thursday before the Nowruz,where many families remember their dead relatives.

          The celebrations ends with the countdown to the New year, where the families gather around the Haft -Seen table with an Haft- seen set on it.The set usually have candles,decorative eggs,decorative coins ,garlic,apples,bowl of gold fish,holy book,food items that include sprouts,pudding ,fruits,etc.

Persian New year


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