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Monday, 19 March 2018

International Colors Day

International Colors Day
International Colors Day
  1. When is international colors day
  2. Why we celebrate international colors day
  3. How we celebrate international colors day 

March 21st,International Colors Day,a day dedicated for celebrating all the colors.Color and light are the most influential phenomena in human live which contributes to the perception of reality .They make our mood,changes in choices,etc.Since colors and light are inseparable, its also a day for celebrating light.
International Colors day was first proposed by Portuguese Color Association in 2008 and its President Maria Joao introduced the idea to the International Color Association.And in 2009 the proposal was agreed by the members of the society.

          March 21st is equinox which means equal(equi) night(nox) ie,around equinox day and night are approximately equal in length.Which symbolically represents the harmonious nature of light and darkness.

          People celebrate International Colors day with by arranging various events,exhibitions,meetings,workshops,debates,contests,etc

International Colors Day

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