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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Why we Sleep? | How much sleep do I need ?| Benefits of sleeping.

Why we Sleep? |  How much sleep do I need ?| Benefits of sleeping

We spend one third of life sleeping then you must know what happens to one third of our life? let's check out …

  1. Why we sleep?
  2. Benefits of Sleeping.
  3. How much Sleep do I need ?

why we sleep ?

The quality of sleeping helps your health and happiness. You have wondered why we need sleep? why it is so important you spend one third of your life sleeping? that's a lot of time .

Think about it when you sleep you are unaware of your external surroundings use of the section of outside world. In fact as soon as you fall asleep audio sensors are turned off you are unaware of the sights , sounds and smells around you this is an extremely dangerous state to be in especially you are pray to larger animals. This is why the most animals find a safe place to sleep.
While us humans sleeping in safe environment we actually turn off our all sensors for sleeping, it is critically important to maintain your health.

Benefits of sleeping

Sleeping increases your concentration level, this will allows you to learn and focus .Sleeping boost Your immune system and you can avoid getting sick and it increases your emotional well being.
During sleep human growth hormones HGH increases in your brain. It helps body to grow, repair damage and build muscle.
Another the most important function of sleep on the brain is learning and memory. Memory formation is broken down to 3 processes.
The first is encoding, this happens when you are awake and taking new information,
Second is consolidation this happens when you sleep new information is saved ,
Third is Retrieving which is stored information in brain axis and is called or simply, when you remember the information.
The deepest the biggest stage of sleeping is called slow wave sleep. Where actually memory consolidation happens, sleep promotes the formation of new connections between neurons. Each connections are called synopsis.  where your memories are stored furthermore synopsis are formed when you are in sleep.

Late night studies before the exam is doing harm than good.
How much sleep do I need ?

You might be surprised sleep is a natural process more than half of old adults saying that they do not get enough sleep .This is why you should learn more how much sleep do I need.
The amount of sleep you need actually changes over your life. Its depending on your age and how much energy you spent over the day. Infants need about 16 hours a day, While teenagers in about 9 hours a day, adults only need about 7 to 8 hours at night the amount of sleep required also increases whether you sleep in the previous day on an average you should spend an hour of sleep before every 2 hours you are a awake. This is 1 to 2 ratio. So your day is 16 hours .That is you wake up at 7 a.m and go to bed at 11 P.M That is you have been waking up for 16 hours then you should get 16 / 2 this is 8 hours of sleep this is a good way to keep track how much sleep you need on a date today basis.

Do you Know ?

There is a international sleep day check out when and why the international sleep day is celebrated here.

Why we Sleep? |  How much sleep do I need ?| Benefits of sleeping

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