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Monday, 26 February 2018

Easter date , Easter Story and why Easter date changes every year

Easter date Easter Story and why Easter date changes every year


Easter (Pascha)

Easter is celebrated around the globe by christian community. This festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from dead.The resurrection of Jesus occurred on the third day of his crucifixion by Romans.This is believed that it occurs at the year AD 30  .

Easter Date 

Easter Story | Easter History

 The Romans were plotted against Jesus Christ because he was very famous among the peoples. They were feared that people will protest against them if the Jesus continues his teachings .The people called Jesus as "Son of GOD" . In order to kill Jesus the Romans conspired with Judas who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus for 30 silver Coins.
  Even though Jesus knew that his disciple would betray him, he let it happen. The roman soldiers arrested him and sentence him to crucifixion. Jesus didnt oppose anything he was being accused off.Instead he refused to say anything. Later he was crucified with two common criminals . At Noon he died  the guard saw how Jesus died.

  This crucifixion was happened on Friday and the next day was the sabath (Saturday , A Jewish holy day ) so they don't want dead bodies on the cross . His body was moved to  tomb the Jewish Leaders had a massive stone rolled in front of it to stop Jesus's followers stealing the body and saying that he had come back to life. 
But the next day the Sunday morning the guards saw the Jesus rising up from the dead as he said. This day is celebrated as Easter.  

Why Easter Date Changes every Year

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ's death and resurrection occurred around the time of the Jewish Passover, which was celebrated on the first full moon following the vernal equinox. This is the reason why the Christians celebrates Easter varies every year.
How we celebarate Easter

 Easter celebrations begins with special church prayers,  candlelight, music,and the ringing of church bells.For  Christians Easter is the greatest feast of the Church year and its  a day of joy and celebration to honour that Jesus Christ is risen. All Christians pray for the prosperity of human kind and remember the teachings that are given by the Jesus Christ for the world. 
Many places across the world conduct sacred dramas about the episodes of the Easter story .For children, they celebrates Easter with their Easter baskets full of candy, snacks, and presents around this time of the year.

Why Easter Bunny (What does a Rabbit have to do with Easter)


 There no mention of a rabbit in the bible related to any Easter events. It is actually not clear when the Easter bunny come in action and bring Easter egg and candy for the well behaved children. It is believed that the Easter is a symbol of beginning of a new life. The rabbit is known to be a prolific procreators , an ancient symbol of fertility and new life.
 It is believed that the Easter bunny custom first came to america by  1700 from German Emigrant. The idea spread around eventually. According to their tradition, their children made nests so that the creature can lay colored eggs in it.

Why Easter Egg.

The egg is an ancient symbol for new life. According to the Christian tradition Easter is a symbol of new life. Jesus's resurrection from tomb . It is also said that the Christians
avoid eating eggs for the Easter fasting days and they keep the egg and decorated and painted it and have it on the Easter celebration. 
Easter date , Easter Story and why Easter date changes every year
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