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Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to become a super programmer

How to become a super programmer
      First I would like to start with story of Mr.Dave . Mr.Dave is a smart ,bright ,Dynamic and enthusiastic candidate . As like you and me , in the beginning of his career he wants to become a super programmer , he wants to be recognized by others. Mr.Dave started his career in a small software firm and he had a great opportunity to learn programming there he learned quickly ,in a short while he became good in what he does . Mr. Dave changed his company in-order to make more money.But there he have to face tight work schedule ,late night builds , Working Sundays , never satisfied customers , shouting boss and Never cares HR managers. He worked hard but that was never enough for them. His enthusiasm and his inner spark towards programming begin to fades away. But he knows in his heart that he likes programming, times passes by his energy and attitude towards his career begin to fades he just want to survive and forgot to thrive. Mean while he changed his company once again, there he had all freedom but not much work to be done. He is in supporting team for a completed project. There is nothing much to do.also he drift to comfort zone with out knowing he spend years like this.

He didn't know much outside his current project. His salary is steady but his neck started to hurt,his belly begin to bulge out. One day he fell down due to a miner heart attack.On the hospital bed he begins to think What did I learn form these years? He started to compare others and he became desperate every day.Then he decide to start learning once again and this time with a difference he must be sure what he wants and how he is going to achieve. He at least know from his career clear planning is the key. He started his journey towards success.
If this story resembles anyone then it is the time to get out of your comfort zone.Like Mr.Dave we all begins our career with great expectations and energy,but it starts to fades away when the time pass by. It is nobodies fault but loosing interest is our human nature we simply get board when doing same thing over and over again .The secret to not being board is do the same thing in different way , accept challenges , keep learning and push forward . Talk to your self about your dream before going to bed and remember about this first thing after come out from bed. The point is nobody will be around but you to motivate

What could we learn form this story ? Mr.Dave started his career to achieve great things but he is not sure what it is. Mr.Dave give up his race by placing himself in a comfort zone. He realized that It never be late. He realized that Must learn form past and not to dwell on it. You must knew first where is your destination before stats your journey. Money is second thing when it comes to passion.

In-order to become a super programmer first you must love what you are doing . The other things comes after.They are
  1. Be patient to read other's code
    You must be patient enough to read others code and how others approach to a problem. You must analyse the code. There is only way to know your code is better is compare with others code for the same scenarios.This is how you can understand different methods to approach a problem.
  2. Get your code examined by experts
    You should get your code examined by others . That way you can identify the falls in your programming and your approach to the problem.
  3. Get a very clear picture about WHAT and HOW you are going to do
    You must have a very clear picture about the problem you are facing . Then only you can find a solution. If you start without getting the whole idea of problem then you wont find the most suitable solution to it. You must be having answer to WHAT and HOW questions in hand before writing even a single line of code.
  4. Get possible testing scenarios before writing code
    If you are having ideas of different testing scenarios before writing code, then you can write a bug free solutions for the problem.Also invest some time to test all the scenarios after the coding finishes. This will helps you to improve your quality of coding
  5. Don't hesitate to update your technology and open to latest trends in coding
    Always learn new technology and coding strategies. Which will help us to improve . If you continue sharpen your skills then one day you will be stand among people around you. Don't let your current situation discourage you. The success awaiting for you.
    Also must update your Soft skills like communication. Then only you can express your knowledge to outside world.
  6. Take responsibility for what your actions
    If you take responsibility for what you have done is the first stepping towards improvement. If you accept what you are then you can start improving from what you are now. Don't blame others for your actions.
  7. Share your knowledge
    Always share your knowledge through blogging or any other media. You will know more when you share more.
  8. Always Accept Challenges
    In-Order to improve our confidence we have to accept challenges when it comes. It is the great opportunity for improving our self and learning new things . The big secret of being young is accept challenges and stay active always. Winning or loosing doesn't matters what we learn from that is matters.
  9. Take care of your body
    Don't forget to take good care of yourself. The programming is a sedentary life style, we have to sit on our seat for really long hours this will cause our neck and back problems. Dot sit more than 1 hr straight , Leave your seat every hour and hydrate your body.If you spend some time for any kind of exercise dancing , yoga ,running anything which keeps you healthy. A sound mind can sit only in a sound body.
  10. Keeps a positive attitude
    This is the most important things always be positive and keep smiling to others.

Stay healthy , keep positive attitude and trust your instincts , the success will follows you .

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