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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Web-api Tutorial Part -1

Creating Web-Api

Hi, Everyone here i am again , now I am gonna discuss about the web-api . Web-api is the next level service preferred by everyone . The advantages that using web-api are, this is HTTP service ,can be consumed by many clients like Mobiles,tabs,browsers etc..

These days , Most of the peoples using smart phones and they usually use apps than browsers in their mobile. So the website and app should work synchronized . Most of the famous websites provide their apis . So creating your own api is not a bad thing right? we could learn how to create your own Web-api using Visual studio-2013

Actually it is very easy lets check it out , how to create a new Web-api

Creating the web-api project

File --> New --> Project and select web under visual C#

Select WebApi
Click ok and you will get the project files are auto created Delete ValuesController and we could create a new controller  
Create a new controller 
Select webapi2 controller 

Create a Model class and define 
A request and response which should e the signature of api through which we are getting and posting data
Create a HTTPPOST method to your controller and use the request and response class 
And Run the application then there is a default controller in Areas folder in your project inside helppage there is a controller HelpController ,this controller will help you to list out and sample out put and input data structure just type in the url  /Help 
While clicking a particular function it will shows the possible input and output Data structure 
There is many method to debug the api code the most easy way i felt that using HTTPRequester 
Which is a add-on to  create a http request and is very useful i am using this to debug my web-api
You can Call the api as given below and put a break point on the controller 
Invoke the api controller method through httprequester and you can see the data is passed to the api
The result came in the result window

I will explain the issues that i have faced when creating Web-api on next post 
Please leave comment if this post helps you .

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