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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Necessity of mental health for programmers

  Necessity of mental health for programmers 

        I rather not to say the word stress management , because as once I heard from the great 'Sadguru',

Why we need to manage stress? Why should be worry about stress? If we do then it will become another stress. So as programmer we have to concentrate on our health. Because we usually sit straight 8 hrs even more in front of monitor with a struggling problem.

From my experience I would say , take a break, It will help to clear your mind. What I usually do is make joke with some colleague around and come back to my seat then take a deep breath , and think about the problem, Amazingly the solutions pops up your head . My opinion is everyone should try that.

   And always try to smile , Humans are social animal ,so the reason why our brain developed than other primates is we have to manage our same species than others, My point is the more you interact with peoples the more smart you became. Always try connect with people .

The secrete behind stay young is learn new things try to do different skills, If it includes physical activity ,then it would be greater. It will help you to stay healthy both mentally and physically . The thing I do is going for dancing which includes a lot of different moves every day I have to face new challenge .

Stay smart , stay focused , face new challenge ,take risk, Keep up your adrenaline level, Have a nice programming life  

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